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Valérie Maenhout van Val Pottery

Frequently Asked Questions

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When choosing our materials (clay, glaze, …) we attach great importance to dishwasher resistance. We all prefer not having to do the dishes, right? Each piece is dishwasher safe. Just like glass, your piece will stay beautiful for years, even for generations to come.

At Val Pottery we always make sure that new pieces fit perfectly in the dishwasher. We are talking about plates, bags, bowls, etc… For larger pieces it goes without saying that this is not possible. Think of a large fruit bowl, vase or candle holder.

Each piece is oven safe and microwave safe. We think that’s very important! Please note, we only guarantee this at a maximum of 200°C in the oven.

We know that today we face many challenges, with an impact on the environment, nature and the climate. And Val Pottery takes her responsibility! We believe that every small player can have a big impact on nature. We try to reduce our ecological footprint, every day. We strive for transparency towards the outside world. We reuse every piece of clay that is lost

during finishing and is considered ‘waste’. That is how we contribute. In addition, every piece with a large default, which we are less likely to sell, goes to a good cause.

Not unimportantly, each piece is produced within Europe, so that the ecological footprint remains limited. In addition, we work with our own workshop, which keeps the chain short. Fair trade is very important to us.

It is and remains ceramic. Ceramics, like glass, are fragile. When choosing our materials and glazes, we take quality into account. Val Pottery mainly works with stoneware. This is a tad sturdier than pottery. We are lucky that we rarely, if any, receive complaints from our customers about our pieces chipping quickly (read: small pieces that break off at the slightest touch). We obviously do assume that you are not going to play Frisbee with it.

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